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Trieste Global is a preventative health technology company working with employers to provide an end to end solution to prevent occupational illness caused by hazard exposures and conditions. Trieste in collaboration with health professionals, industry associations and leaders have developed a real time hazard control and monitoring platform ‘NeXtrack’ that combines online OHS tools, engineer controls and monitors, and associated services to protect workers long term health.

Activity Monitoring

NeXtrack is a Hazard control and monitoring platform that enables builders to ensure hazard control plans and SWMS are carried out by employees and subcontractors on site.

With real time validation of controls being used, NeXtrack enables builders to monitor and report for subcontractor weekly meetings to ensure compliance is being met.


  • NeXtrack provides oversite of hazard control

  • Health and Compliance surveillance

  • Validation of compliance

  • Weekly hazard control reporting

  • Protect people and business

Activity & Site Monitoring

Additionally, to activity monitoring, site monitoring will allow builders to measure site conditions and hazard exposures. With real-time monitoring enabled, scientific monitors can be added to capture common hazards like fumes, environment, noise, and dust (FEND). Capturing the hazard will allow NeXtrack to give signals and alerts to indicate safe or hazardous areas for workers.


  • Condition monitoring

  • Exposure monitoring

  • Real time hazard reporting

Site, Activity & Worker Monitoring

The ultimate solution. Combine site, activities and people to get a clearer picture of hazard controls, workplace exposures, and health of site monitoring. The real-time solution will ensure your site compliance, and that your people are protected for the long term.


  • Worker health monitoring

  • Complete WHS compliance monitoring

  • Business insights and learning

  • Certainty for business

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