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Trieste Global is a preventative health technology company working with employers to provide an end to end solution to prevent occupational illness caused by hazard exposures and conditions. Trieste in collaboration with health professionals, industry associations and leaders have developed a real time hazard control and monitoring platform ‘NeXtrack’ that combines online OHS tools, engineer controls and monitors, and associated services to protect workers long term health.

Site Compliance

NeXtrack is a platform for subcontractors to help meet builders site hazard control plans. A database for your employees Health and safety information not accessible by the builders. Workers use the mobile platform to show hazard controls are being used as per SWMS, protecting your company and the workers health.


  • Employee health monitoring

  • Health and safety compliance register and surveillance

  • Library of real time connected controls and monitors

Business Compliance

The ultimate solution. NeXtrack contractor compliance pack allows you to monitor employees whilst on site with real time date feeding to your dashboard. Activity tracking will ensure workers are protecting themselves and others as per SWMS, whilst exposure monitoring will alert you and the worker when they are nearing exposure limits. The real time solution will ensure your site compliance, and that your people are protected for the long term.


  • Employee activity logs

  • Employee exposure monitoring

  • Hazard controls monitoring

  • Service partner access

  • Compliance reporting


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