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The Future Of Construction

What is Nextrack?

NeXtrack is a monitoring platform for hazard control and validation that digitises processes, provides real-time feedback, and protects workers from Occupational Illnesses; such as silicosis. 


Upload the necessary SWMS you need for an activity. Log activities you partake in on site. Get alerts when action is required.


All controls are monitored and linked through IOT and the NeXtrack platform. Observe real time data, and take action accordingly.

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Control the hazards with real time signals and alerts to protect workers from hazards as they happen.

Why Nextrack?

An End to End Solution

Digitise Processes

Protects Your Workers From Occupational Illness

What's your background?



Click here if you are a builder wanting to protect their workers and increase overall site performance. 

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Click here if you are a hygienist or consultant looking to see how NeXtrack can make your life easier.

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Supply Partners

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